I love to combine deep tissue massage with Craniosacral work; applying a deepening knowledge of the physical anatomy and alignment with a more subtle awareness of the fluid systems of the body. 

Biodynamic massage is just this, connecting with deeper pressure to fascia and muscle tissue, while listening to the energetic changes that occur in response throughout the body, and facilitating the unwinding of long held patterns of tension and stress.

Biodynamic massage can be a slower, more meditative experience of massage. Often a significant amount of time is spent working with deep pressure on a particularly dense or potent point. The practitioner will stay with this place until there is a felt change in the tissues, listening to and following the developing expansions or contractions, movement or stillness of the body, sometimes assisting the limbs into any stretches or positions of ease that emerge.

I will typically work with just one area of the body for the entire session; in order to take the amount of time necessary to go deeply into the issues presented and encourage a healthy and lasting improvement.



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